Red Epic Package List

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Red Epic Digital Cinema Camera

PL Mount

Opitek Nikon Mount

Red LCD Touch Screen w/ Cable


15mm Rails, Rods

V-Mount On-Board Battery Plate w/ Cable

V-Mount Belt Battery Plate w/ Cable

5 x V-Mount Batteries

4 x V-Mount Simultaneous Battery Chargers

2 x Mini Batteries

Epic AC adapter

Battery Block cable adapter

Top Handle

Top Rail

4 x 256 SSD Cards

Redmag 1.8

Action Full Sized XLR’s

On-Board Senheizer K6/ME64

Mic Wind Foam

Mic Mount

Handheld Rig

Shoulder Mount

Arri MFF-1 Follow Focus

Vocas MB-350 4x5.65 mattebox

16 filters (Black Promist, Classic Soft, Soft FX, ND, Grads, Polarizers, IR)

Ear buds with extension Cables

Firewire 800 cable

Firewire 400 cable

Tool Kit

Pelican Storm IM2720 Case with Dividers

Pelican 1520 Case

Pelican 1500 Case

O’Connor 1020 Head with quick release plate

Miller Carbon Fiber Legs (or O’Connor sticks - your choice)

Dell 2405 Monitor with Stand

50’ HDMI Cable with DVI-D adapter

Prime Lenses

400mm 2.8

300mm 2.8

85mm 1.4

50mm 1.4

35mm 1.4

24mm 2.0

8mm 3.5

Zoom Lenses

80-200mm 2.8

17-55mm 2.8

11-16mm 2.8

Lens Doubler

Lens Macro

Arri Zeiss Ultra Primes - Available on Request

Lomo Anamorphic Primes - Available on Request

*More items and additional lenses available on special request.