I rent a lot of package trucks and this truck has quickly become my favorite of the lot.



Truck was great and so was Steve!!!



When you add it all up, nothing beats the value of this thing. Perfect for the commercials and independent projects I shoot.



“I love your truck... and more importantly, I love all the equipment that keeps coming off your truck and onto my set”



I wanted to leave a review of having just worked with this truck on a 3-day commercial shoot. The producer I was hired by has rented this truck on two previous shoots, and has always been happy with it. It was my first shoot with this instead of a truck from one of the big Toronto rental houses, so I was curious to see how it compared.

My view is that it's a whole lot of bang for your buck. It's an appealing mix of HMI, tungsten, and fluo where a truck of this size/cost wouldn't usually include HMI.

I haven't cross-checked equipment lists exactly, but compared to the big rental houses, I was left with the impression that some items are only single quantity in a single size, but the overall variety of categories is a bit broader. They had a number of items on-board that would have been specific add-ons that you'd have to special request from the big rental houses. So as long as your gaffer/grips are a little bit creative and not old sticks in the mud, it'll have you covered at a very reasonable price.

We added some specific gear from one of the big rental houses - a Matthews Intel-a-jib and Cartoni Lambda head for instance - and they were able to pick that up and drop it off for us, which was a huge time-saver.

When our gaffer noticed we were going a bit crazy with apple box usage, they picked up some extras from the same rental company and showed up on set the next day with them on-board and ready to go.

Dale, the owner, is also quite receptive to hearing what we thought of the truck, and wanted to know what we thought could be added, so with that kind of positive attitude, the package can only get better with time.

The truck was driven by a guy named Steve (whose last name I probably wouldn't spell properly) and he was great to work with. A young guy with a can-do attitude, he was exactly what you always hope for - someone who just jumps at every request and happily gets you the gear without ever making you feel like you're a pain in his ass! He was a big help with set-up and tear-down, making him a definite PA/grip type asset on a non-union shoot.

All in all, the truck might not always have every single piece of gear you can think of, but then it's probably going to have something else that can the job done. And sometimes it'll surprise you with something you'd never expect to have on-hand. For the price, and how enjoyable it is to rent from Dale and to work with Steve, I'd give it two hearty thumbs-up. The producer sure likes it, so I think I'll be seeing a lot of this truck in the future, and I'm definitely looking forward to it.


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